Scenic route towards Šventoji

Scenic route towards Šventoji

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The scenic route towards Šventoji is probably the least discovered bicycle route on the seaside. Despite the fact that you won’t meet a lot of people outside of Palanga, you will be able to enjoy the peace and truly spectacular views.

Begin your journey from Palanga bridge and go through Meilės Avenue until you reach Naglio Avenue. During your journey, you will pass Palanga River Ronžė. Guests are often familiar with this name but rarely associate it with this little river. You will be able to enjoy the seaside air and the scent of pines while going through Naglio Avenue. Soon you will reach Naglis Hill. It is a place attempted to be occupied by both the crusaders and Lithuanians, however it eventually became a simple dune with a mysterious atmosphere and a hint of history. While travelling through the seaside, you will reach “The edge of the world”. This place will surprise you with the beauty of a river flowing to the sea. And at the end of the route you will find yourself in Šventoji which is loved by Lithuanians – here you will see sculptures, which you might only have seen in photos, as well as enjoy a calm and cosy atmosphere.

If these places are not enough for you and your legs are not yet tired, travel further north until you reach Nida… Yes, Nida, only Latvian. It is a Latvian seaside town standing near the Lithuanian border. And from Nida you will be able to reach Liepaja. Please be warned that the distance is considerable, therefore those who do not ride bicycles often may find this bicycle trip to Liepaja to be too difficult.

Have a wonderful trip!

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