Scenic route towards Klaipėda

Scenic route towards Klaipėda

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Scenic bicycle route towards Klaipėda is the most favourite path of seaside residents, connecting Palanga and Klaipėda. Residents often use this path to travel to work, and, during the summer season, this path is very popular due to its new and beautiful road, as well as breath-taking scenery .Click here to find a bicycle for rent in Palanga.

Begin your journey from Palanga bridge and look for a road to Meilės Avenue. Pass the entire Meiles Avenue and observe the bustle of holidaymakers, as well as enjoy the seaside air and share your smile. Soon you will reach the entrance to Palanga Botanical Park. There you will have to choose one out of two roads:

  1. Go through the Botanical Park and observe nature. On your way, you will pass Birutė’s Hill and reach an unpaved gravel road. Take the road to the left until you return to Vytauto street. On Vytauto street, turn right.
  2. Take the left turn and go until you reach Vytauto street. Then take the right turn and go straight all the way.

You will have to decide which road seems more interesting, however both of these roads will lead to the end of the bicycle path. Do not take the car road – turn right to a paved forest road. After less than a kilometre, the pine forest will end and you will see the dunes. You will certainly not feel hot, as a soft sea breeze will cool you off during the entire trip through this road, and on the right you will hear the sound of the sea. If you wish, you can easily stop and take a swim in the sea. Soon you will reach Plazė Lake. Stop and enjoy the view – you will find a bird watching tower there. By traveling further, you will reach Karklė, where you can enjoy peace, buy fresh fish and admire the scenery. Right across Karklė, you will find “Olandų Kepurė” cliff – one of the most famous Seaside objects.

Not enough exciting places to see? Take the bicycle path further from Olandų Kepurė and reach Klaipėda Summer Stage. And, from there, you will be able to travel around the port city. You can also continue your journey by going at the side of the road and you will find a bicycle path by Giruliai which will lead you to Melnragė beach in Klaipėda.

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