Historical route “Get to know Palanga”

Historical route “Get to know Palanga”

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The historical bicycle route around Palanga will help you learn about the summer capital of Lithuania. After renting a bicycle in one of our bicycle rent points, you will be able to learn about the history of Palanga without any interferences. We are confident that you will discover things that you have never seen before.

Start your journey from the symbol of Palanga – bridge to the sea. It is probably one of the most visited places in Lithuania during the summer season. After enjoying the view, calmly go through Basanavičiaus street. The bicycle path in this street is marked with brown tile paving. When you reach the middle of this street, visit the Exile and Resistance Museum, where you will learn about the troubled part of Lithuanian history and how western Lithuania opposed the occupants. At the very end of Basanavičiaus street, on the left, you will see one of the most beautiful neo-gothic churches in Lithuania. You can confidently enter it and admire its interior. And, on the right side, you will be able to see the renovated Palanga Kurhaus – it is the first restaurant and hotel in Palanga, silently marking the beginning of the resort’s development. By taking Vytauto street, you will find yourself at the Amber Workshop where you will be able to see how amber is used to make jewellery. There is an entrance to Palanga Botanical Park near the workshop. Enjoy the view and one of the most beautiful parks in Lithuania, where you will be able to see the statue of Christ, Amber Museum and the pagan Birutė’s Hill. After visiting Birutė’s Hill, you will easily find Meilės Avenue. After passing the latter, you will return to Palanga Bridge.

If seeing these places is not enough, you can continue your trip by taking the same road further, where you will pass the famous Palanga River “Ronžė”. While travelling through the pine forest, you will see many interesting things until you reach Naglis Hill. It is a place of legends attempted to be taken over by various nations, which currently only has a simple dune on it. The atmosphere there fascinating.

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